Trick Generator

Take the quiz below to find out which trick your “hep-ascope” advises you to throw today. Tell us which trick you got in the comment section! 🙂

**Click here if the trick generator doesn’t work. If you’re on a mobile device, it may help to turn it sideways. If that doesn’t work, it means you are meant to work on your swing. Come back after you’ve improved your force-out. 😉

Looking for some real help with your flying trapeze tricks?

Shoot dismount

Click here for my flying trapeze trick tips.

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*Flying trapeze is a dangerous activity. Be sure to consult a professional before trying any trick.


  1. Carol: hahahaha, Says I’m having trouble making a decision. So I should throw splits.

  2. Kendall: So I took it. But I got a layout. I do wanna get back go it but I’m terrified. Haha

  3. Kay: I got ‘Plange’… now just gotta find me a rig that’s in commuting distance! Sigh! Its been so long!

  4. Stephanie: Cutaway. This is hilarious!

  5. Denise: Mine is a layout. PERFECT!!!

  6. Susie: Looks like I’m throwing a double…might be a tad sketchy though since I’m still working on my layout…wish me (and my lines person) luck! JK!!!

  7. How’d it go? 😉

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