Things were going along swimmingly.

My parents were normal.

Normal Parents

Well, kind of normal.

Crazy-parentsI spent most of my teens snowboarding professionally.


When I retired at 21, a lot of stuff happened.

One day, I made a new friend who asked if I wanted to move to Japan and join the circus. With Bill, of course…


So I did.

Fly Girls
(L to R) Kyla Duffy, Cindy Sweeney, and Harmony French Chute

After 26 months in Japan, I moved back to America and spent the next three months experiencing American circus.

Showgirls---Knoxville TN 2014
Ladies of lyra (I’m third from the right)

Then I worked in Kassel, Germany, at Flic Flac for a month.

The circus at night
The circus at night

And then, finally, it was time to hit the open road–along with my bestie, Kelly, her pup, Hunter, and of course, Bill–in search of new purpose and meaning.


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