Fully Committed

Sometimes, all you have to do to succeed is convince yourself the time has come to stop dicking around. For more than a year, I’ve been throwing a tight full to the net with good lines and my feet together, but every time I went to throw it to a catcher, I reverted back to my ole’ propeller-legged twist. After what feels like hundreds of failed attempts (and could very well be), I quit throwing them to the catcher at all and instead just did a layout.

Last week, I got up on the rise to throw my fantastic full to the net, and Ryan gave me the “wanna catch?” look. For whatever reason, I decided to go for it. Right before I took off, Dale reminded me, “You can physically do this.” For whatever reason, that clicked! I could physically do this! And I did. I threw my first ever full to a catcher with my feet together!

A few days later, I woke up and decided to give it a try in the show because I didn’t feel like practicing. To my delight, I had the same result! I’ve decided now I will always keep my feet together, no matter what else happens. I hope this mindset works!


Looking to spruce up your full? Here are a few tips!

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