Convenient Excuse

Among the many wonderful things about Japan, insistence on using tradition as a crutch is not one of them. But we all do it, right? We rationalize things–foie gras, for example–are okay because that’s just how we do it.

Plus, it’s delicious.

Plus, it’s just a goose.

In my opinion, this thinking is both dangerous and counterproductive. Greed and a lack of compassion are shaky pillars on which humanity can’t stand forever.

Convenient Excuse

Suits crowd rush hour trains
Heads are bowed, some lolling
It clinks and clatters down veins
The dead and the mourning

Too many fish in this bowl
Suspended by the horde
So long have they suffered this role
Forgotten, they ever cared

Culture is a crutch
What good does a crutch do a fish?
It’s better to give him a push
Make way for his fins to stretch

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