Healthy Banana Cookies

As I sat down to write a very boring review for the recipe I baked today, I realized I was missing an opportunity to improve my writing skills. So I’ve set forth a new challenge for myself to creatively review the recipes I make while spending no more than an hour writing and editing. Here’s what I came up with today (follow the link to see the actual recipe):

Healthy Banana Cookies (Five Stars)

What do you do when you go to the store several times in a week and each time forgot you already bought bananas on the previous trip? You search the web for a banana-something-or-other recipe, of course. That’s how I ended up making what started as healthy banana cookies.

IMG_20160826_185717I flipped through several elaborate recipes for breads and cakes that seemed like far too much work and was drawn to this the short ingredient list for these cookies; there was be plenty of opportunity for improvisation. I dumped the fab five into a bowl (oats, dates, bananas, vanilla, and coconut oil) and then remembered my flaxseed meal. And what about those sunflower seeds? How about the cashews? I didn’t forget the pumpkin seeds, either, and I added a little honey just in case because some reviewer apparently living off Coke and Coldstone said these cookies would only be flavorful for toddlers. I cracked in an egg for posterity and spread the mixture evenly across my pan. Bars are fine for me; cookies are way too much work.

The verdict: Next time—and there will be a next time—I’ll omit the honey but leave the kitchen sink. A crowd pleaser, I had to warn friends not to eat too many. These fiber-filled cookie-bars are as “moving” as they are delicious.

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