Trick Tip: Full Twisting Layouts

In the past, my full has been the target of many jokes because of the way I kicked my legs. Especially when was tired, I’d get even sloppier and Jeremy would joke that it looked Iike I was body-slamming Daniel someone off the ropes in a wrestling match. But here’s the thing: it might have been sloppy, but it was consistently sloppy. In more than 1,000 shows, I had missed less than 10. Now that I’ve had time to work on fulls without the pressure of performing them, my fulls have gotten much better (as long as I’m not tired!).

Now that I’ve had time to work on fulls without the pressure of performing them, my fulls have gotten much bletter (as long as I’m not tired!).

A Few Full Tips

Try to throw a cooked noodle in the air and make it twist. Now, try to throw dry pasta in the air and make it twist. The dry pasta is much easier, of course! Be the dry pasta – solid, tight, and as straight as possible.

While it requires similar air awareness, flying trapeze is not gymnastics and tricks cannot usually be initiated in the same way. The full is a perfect example of this. In gymnastics, you set and then wrap, initiating the twist with your upper body. If you do this in trapeze, you’ll probably end up with your feet struggling to catch up. A surefire way to complete a fast, tight twist is to hold your toes in line with the rest of your body and initiate the twist with your hips. Every time I think of initiating the twist with my toes and I remember to stay tight, I throw a clean trick.

Break hard; drive hard. Just because this isn’t a double doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give the break and drive all you’ve got. Many people break and forget there’s more to do. Kick your legs forward and up into the sky hard! Then, all you’ll need to do is slightly tilt your hips in the direction you want to go, and before you know it, you’ll be lined up for the catch. It’s crazy how fast it happens if you do it right! It helps me to think about my toes lifting me up into the air and turning me.

A Little More on Toes and Hips. It helps me to think about my toes lifting me up into the air and turning me. As long as you are completely committed to staying tight, you can think of initializing the twist with your toes. If you don’t believe me, lie on the ground and have someone try to roll you over by your toes. Now, tighten all your muscles and have them try again. See! You can initiate with your toes and your whole body will go with them if you just stay tight.

Leave your hands out! Don’t worry about catching the catcher. Just leave your hands where he or she can snag you.

How I Became a Left Twister

I twisted right in gymnastics and I twist left on trapeze. Weird, huh? I think the reason is that on trapeze, you are completely upside down when initiating the trick. I started by throwing the trick to the right, and one day, I just threw it to the left. When I found myself facing the pedestal, staring my friend Eric in the face while in mid air, I knew something was amiss! I landed in the net on my stomach safely, luckily, but from then on, I could never twist to the right!

Here’s my full to the net.

Disclaimer: There are many different ways to do things. The information here is simply how I found the most success. Take it or leave it, but if you’re having trouble, it’s probably worth a try!


  1. OHHH I LOVE this post! Beautiful Full in the video! I’ve missed your Trick Tips posts, and was just rereading your post on when to take tricks OOL 😉 I’ve been playing a bit with the Full, caught it a couple of times in lines, it’s such a fun trick! It’s one of my summer goals to take it out of lines 🙂

    I love what you say about initiating the twist from my hips. When I was working on the Cutaway Half, I was told to twist by looking underneath by left armpit. When I was learning to half twist to the net, I was taught to twist with my shoulders. I always left my legs behind, just as you said! Messyyyy.

    I was told last year by another coach that twisting with the methods I outlined above works for half and even full twists, but it won’t work if I want to do double twists, so I might as well learn to do it properly now and twist from my hips. I loved your explanation reinforcing this! 🙂

    The biggest problem I had after that was actually STOPPING my twists, as I’d basically double twist into the net like a batshit crazy tornado. I was flying at Richie Gaona’s rig, and Tito was there and saw one of embarrassing attempts… He taught me to open to catch with my legs in straddle, “just for now!”, and it worked~! I nearly caught the trick on my next attempt! Now I can open to catch with my legs together, but opening with legs in straddle helped me massively as an intermediate step.

  2. That’s good advice for someone having a problem stopping their twist. However, I would suggest that there’s an underlying fundamental problem with your drive if you can’t stop your twist. Drive first, then twist. Food for thought… 🙂

  3. Ooh, love that, thank you!!! Yes, have been told that I am twisting too early, I’ll work harder to make the drive distinct from the twist 🙂

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